AuthØ sandbox

Tomasz Janczuk / @tjanczuk

people are not evil

but some write evil code

running custom code

in multi-tenant systems

requires a sandbox

sandbox model

programming 101

JavaScript function closure

return function (cb) {
  cb(null, { hello: 'world' });

(This is Node.js)

sandbox provides

data isolation



and cpu usage


sandbox viewed from space

CoreOS, ETCD, Docker, and Fleet

data isolation

container per tenant with egress firewall

memory, cpu and other limits


linux cgroups

transient users

pam limits

taking sandbox for a spin

[The Racławice Panorama]

programming 102

parameterized function

// HTTPS POST /tenant1?myname=Auth0

return function (context, cb) {
  cb(null, 'Hello, ' +;

URL query paramers propagated to context

programming 201

C# via Edge.js

// HTTPS POST /tenant1?myname=Auth0

return function (context, cb) {
    require('edge').func(function () {/*
        async (dynamic context) => {
            return "Hello, " + + "!";
    */})(context, cb);

[More on Edge.js]

streaming real-time logs

  --data-binary 'return function(cb) { console.log("Hello, world!"); cb(); }'

bunyan to kafka to http

curl | bunyan

[2014-11-25T03:20:44.027Z]  INFO: server-foreman-t1-7574/1 on ip-172-31-0-65: Hello world (sandbox=1, offset=252217)

AuthØ sandbox

Tomasz Janczuk / @tjanczuk

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